About Lush Scapes

Lush Scapes creates harmony in the beauty found between the indoors and outside. Collaborating with a select network of skilled craftsmen, our expert landscape designers create and install attractive outdoor spaces that exude personality.

Meet Cheryl Ross

Founder & Principal Designer

Cheryl Ross, the driving force behind Lush Scapes, is committed to unlocking the hidden beauty within your landscape’s potential. Raised in Victoria, British Columbia, famously known as the “City of Gardens,” Cheryl merges her Pacific Northwest inspiration with the iconic and historic gardens of Charleston to create uniquely captivating outdoor spaces.

Cheryl Headshot

Signature Style

Cheryl’s distinctive style revolves around the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas. She views exterior spaces as collaborative canvases where design meets functionality. To Cheryl, each outdoor space narrates a unique story, reflecting the identity of its inhabitants.

Client-Centric Approach

Cheryl excels working with a diverse clientele, effortlessly weaving their preferences into her designs. Her unwavering attention to detail and deep appreciation for the natural beauty define her approach. Whether she’s selecting pots, crafting gardens or coordinating with partners and craftsmen, Cheryl’s dedication shines through to ensure that your landscape feels like home.